I would like to purchase a custom not listed on your site. Do you take commissions?

Yes. I do commissioned work. If there is something or someone you would like to see in POP! form, please send details and any photos describing what you are looking for to inquiries@spasticcustoms.com. I will respond back to you on how much it would cost and the time frame.

How much does a custom commission cost?

The average cost for commission work starts around $50 USD plus shipping, but it could run more depending on the amount of alterations, sculpting, and time needed to complete the custom.

Funko Pop! figures in the store only cost $8-13, why are yours so much more?

The higher cost of the customs listed on this site and completed on a commission basis is due to a few factors. First, customs are most likely a combination of two or more standard figures. I have to purchase the figures like you do in order to get the parts needed for the custom. Second, it takes time to separate, paint, sculpt, alter, and seal each custom. This is a lot of time devoted to get you a custom you are proud to own. I believe the price is reasonable in relation to some of the other customizers out there. Also, keep an eye on our eBay store. You new designs or mash-ups from leftover inventory are often placed there at cheaper prices than listed on this site.

What are the payment options?

At the moment, all payment on this site and through commissions is done via PayPal.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

I am interested in commissioning a custom. What is the process?

A request from a potential customer is received at inquiries@spasticcustoms.com. A design and cost would be determined after reviewing the photos and information. If the price is agreeable, the customer okays the start of the commission. The needed pieces and supplies would be acquired and work will begin on the custom. Updates will be sent out periodically to let the buyer know the state of the custom and to make sure that the design is on track with what he/she is looking for. When completed, a series of final photos will be emailed to the customer for approval. Once approved, I will then seal the custom with a matte finish. The shipping address would then be confirmed to get the price for shipping and an invoice will be sent out via PayPal. Once payment is processed, the custom will be shipped and the buyer will receive and update with the tracking number.

Do you make custom boxes for your customs?

I am starting to venture into making custom boxes. Check the item details to see if there is a custom box included. Custom boxes listed are stickers applied to the original box. I am working on getting a better practice in place and including them for all customs listed. Right now, I am not doing custom boxes for commissions or “one-off” customs unless discussed.

How long does it take to get a custom?

It typically takes 2 weeks to complete a custom. It may be shorter or longer depending on the availability of the pieces needed to make the custom. If there is a deadline, please mention so in your first communication. If it will take longer than two weeks to complete, you will be notified and kept up to date on progress.

I saw this really cool custom online. Can you make me one just like it?

This is a tricky question. I don’t like to blatantly copy off my fellow customizers. If there is a custom that you really like, I can point you in the direction of the person who made it if I know them. This is an art form, so I don’t want to step on anyone else’s toes or copy anyone’s work. There are also different styles for the customs and areas that certain artists focus on. The custom you are pointing out may not be within my skill set. Feel free to shop around, there are some awesome customizers out there!

I have some questions not listed here.

Feel free to send any questions to inquiries@spasticcustoms.com.